Hello world

I’ve owned cronan.co.uk for more than ten years now. I always promised myself I would get around to producing an elegant and simple homepage in HTML and CSS:  a true testament to my IT credentials.

I think it is safe to say that day was never going to come. 

Rationally, my time is much better spent focusing on my actual job than learning additional tangential skills in some kind of meta-display of technical ability. Maybe one day I’ll finish that MOOC and finally get to grips with HTML 5 on Codeacademy. All things being equal I think I’d rather leave it to the professionals.

Caving to laziness I decided to install a CMS (content management system, to the less IT-inclined) and was pleasantly surprised to find the experience is now completely painless – not an FTP file transfer in sight, though remarkably OVH (my hosting provider) do still offer tech support over IRC.

OVH tell me that 45% of the sites on the internet are now based on CMS systems. I’m not surprised.

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